General Purpose Timer

Timers are one of the most important devices in terms of bringing automation in our life. Today almost all smart home electrical appliances like fridge, heater etc. have their own inbuilt timers. But in sometime we want to control electrical devices which do not have any automation. For example running […]

Water Level Indicator

Today water is one of the precious resources. In this tutorial I am going show how we can make a very simple water level indicator which not only shows the current water level in water tank but also helps to save water from overflowing while filling it. This is very […]

Easy DTMF Keypad for Arduino and Microcontroller Projects (Wireless and Wired)

While making Arduino, 8051 microcontroller or any other digital electronics project we often need human interaction and we use keyboard or keypad. Making custom keypad for individual prototype project is time consuming and painful process. It also takes large number of microcontroller pin for interfacing. In this tutorial I am […]

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